Our Approach

We want to deliver to you a product that you absolutely love. No ifs, ands, or buts. We discuss projects extensively with each client so we can get every detail exactly the way they want it.

Our Story

We are who we are today because our founder Chip Darnell wanted to have fun with his work. He knew he loved working with his hands and construction. This, combined with his passion for the history behind each board, he started tearing down barns and reclaiming the wood to make furniture. At first, he mainly did if for family and friends, but his business quickly expanded. Today we have multiple warehouses nation wide and a workshop in Tampa, Florida.

Meet the Team

The heart and soul of BarnWorks. We couldn't do what we love without these people.


Chip Darnell

Founder & CEO

Born and raised in Tampa, Chip has been an active member of the local economy for over 40 years. BarnWorks was created from his love of wood working and the history behind each piece.

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Susan Ramos

Head of Sales

Have any questions at all? Susan is your go to. She knows everything and anything about our wood. She is the caretaker of our Barn Dog Lily.


Barn Dog

Lily brings a certain playfulness to the workshop. Susan was on a business trip in Alabama, picked her up at a flea market, and couldn't say goodbye. The rest is history.


Zaiham Abdullah


Z man is our main workshop guy. He completes all our projects with quality, precision, and speed.


Fiona Fitzgibbon


Fiona handles the technology side of BarnWorks and keeps our office in top shape so we can complete projects efficiently.


Bella Romano


Bella handles our social media to make sure we put our best foot forward and so all of you can see whats going on in the shop.

Next Steps...

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