If you have a project you want to take on yourself, we can provide the wood and let you have full freedom. We supply lumber to contractors, craftsmen, and diy-ers alike.



Not quite ready to take full reign of your project? We're here to help. Our master craftsmen have years of experience and can build anything you want.

Sawmill Services

We will cut your logs or split timbers. All you have to do is bring them into us.


The Wood

Our wood is 100% reclaimed. Dating back to the mid to late 1800's, our wood comes form barns in the South East region of the United States, primarily Kentucky.

The Products

We treat our wood so no menacing pests move in to your space with your product. While there are different options for treatment, our goal is to ensure no insect activity.

Doors | Tables | Mirrors | Miscellaneous | Walls

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